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A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Tradition

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This Holiday Say What Only a Graphic T-Shirt Can Say and Get Away With It!

The soft glow of electric sex gleaming in your window (from your soul, whoa). Your neighbors will love it! 

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Face Masks: Protect You and The Ones You Love. Beware of Truth Decay and Wear A Face Covering

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Graphic Design T-Shirts – 24 Colors and Thousands of Designs, Cotton Short Sleeve Tees Fit for Men, Women, You and Me!

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Junk Morals

Poem, Writing

Meet the Michigan smokestack weather,
We know you say,
O, I got big hands, see!
Shows me you’ve never had the real
good gumbo
Shows me you’ve been willing to steal Wayne County votes
Little fingers, watch the stove top fire, dear.
Sorry dearest mummy,
You never had to remember that one, did ya?

to be continued…

© 2020 Space Cadet WTC

Take a Chance, This Year Off

Poem, Writing

come back soon 

come sooner than later 

come back soon

take it far 

take it wide

gather your senses

collect them how you please 

come back soon and don’t forget me

here’s a dime for every dollar 

here’s a coin for what you’ve spent 

here’s a bit for you and me 

take it closed

take it opened

collect the silver 

save it when you can 

here’s a little something to get you there 

maybe I can help in the end 

it may be that I can

maybe I can move 

to be a part of something new

the beginning is written and sown

maybe I can help the middle grow

been there before 

been there before 

yet again

been there before

take it long

take it far 

sow up my seams

gather my threads 

to make it back when

Ⓒ 2020 W. Cutlip | SpaceCadet | All Rights Reserved


Poem, Uncategorized, Writing

until the mindless hours of night,

flout cellos strain the tunes

shifty shadows.

stagger, under a coronet moon.

rustle of handmade dresses and voiceless chatter,

of dried glands spoiled in milk, guild

the finger painted echo of her

clutching mother’s sooted pea coat.

I listen to paper dolls toss and turn

in her shoe box below the stairs.

A cradle rocks

in my broken stagger’s shadow,

under her coronet crescent moon.

Space Cadet 2020 All Rights Reserved


Poem, Writing

Something I dreamt Mingus say
Nothing, nothing else
I got Lost but I’m back
With a street dream of that house

in an ashtray heart

A curled 16th note corkscrew
floats there.

Only if we’d known we’d lost the money halfway
A lesson floats in that ashtray.
In that heart
On that corkscrew note

To Shim


where brook trout surface

in baritone river rains, 

where fox prey,

and jackals await

dressed in morning’s ballistics

as firing squads take aim.

‘neath The Moon Rabbit, 

cleared by crowds drunk with virtue, 

screaming for Śakra 

in final sighs of autumn’s jade dawn

I send this signal to you,

to share in our memories of saccharin-skin armor, my brave brother,

negotiating peace with toy soldiers,

playing dead from sticks and walnut hand grenades.

30 Years Later — A Live Show From July 10 1990

Grateful Dead News, Uncategorized

Set aside some time to catch this YouTube Show July 10th at around 845 PM ET

A previously unreleased Grateful Dead concert from Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, North Carolina on July 10, 1990 will be broadcast for free on Youtube tomorrow night beginning at 8:45 p.m. ET. Go to this website to listen, The performance took place just weeks before pianist Brent Mydland died from an accidental overdose. Set 1 includes, […]

30 Years Later — A Unique Title For Me