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Junk Morals

JUNK MORALS by Space Cadet
Meet the Michigan smokestack weather,
We know you say,
O, I got big hands, see!
Shows me you’ve never had the real
good gumbo
Shows me you’ve been willing to steal Wayne County votes
Little fingers, watch the stove top fire, dear.
Sorry dearest mummy,
You never had to remember that one, did ya?


until the mindless hours of night,
flout cellos strain the tunes
shifty shadows.
stagger, under a coronet moon.


Something I dreamt Mingus sayNothing, nothing elseI got Lost but I’m backWith a street dream of that house in an ashtray heart A curled 16th note corkscrewfloats there. Only if we’d known we’d lost the money halfwaybroke.A lesson floats in that ashtray.In that heartOn that corkscrew note

To Shim

where brook trout surface in baritone river rains,  where fox prey, and jackals await dressed in morning’s ballistics as firing squads take aim. ‘neath The Moon Rabbit,  cleared by crowds drunk with virtue,  screaming for Śakra  in final sighs of autumn’s jade dawn I send this signal to you, to share in our memories of … More